Our Sports Flooring Services Include


Lawn Turf

Artificial lawn turf are easier to maintain and saves hours of maintenance time and other valuable resources.

Futsal Turf

Artificial futsal turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. Its easier to maintain, does not require any additional resources and is a timesaver.

Wrestling Mats

We are offering superior quality Wrestling Mat Covers. These highly appreciated mats meet the international wrestling mat standard. They are known for their Shock-absorbing Properties

Basketball Mats

Its made from durable PVC to maximize the traction for better results.

Badminton Mats

Made from durable PVC having an abrasive texture to maximize the traction for better results.

PVC Flooring.

This flooring system transforms your old flooring and protect us from injuries as it has better safety, shock absorption and rebound performance. Due to use of closed honeycomb structure, the tremor range of PVC is also small and resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. It is totally customizable and comes in different thickness for wide choices.

Artificial Turf

We supply artificial turf in wide range of quality and sizes to meet every needs of our customers. Our goal is to uplift the benchmark in sports industry by delivering you the best quality product as per your choice. Our futsal turf are FIFA rated, so you know there's isn't any compromise in quality.


We work with the best logistics company abroad to ensure that goods reaches destination safely and in timely fashion.



Experts of relative field will first analyze the site or project as per the clients specification.



Engineers and experts of relative field along with experienced workers will brainstorm for feasible and economical plan.



A proper design helps with the project completion pace and proper execution of the plan. So we make sure we leave no stone unturned designing your dream.